A Systemic review of Sthaulya and its Nidana- Parivarjan Chikitsa

  • Amol C Gulve
  • Londhe P D
  • Makhare S R
Keywords: Sthaulya, Nidana panchak, Nidan Parivarjan


Today, almost everyone is obese with losing weight. Obesity is defined as a condition where one is at least 20%more than ideal body weight. Obesity is normally caused by a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity and irregular diet and sleep pattern, stress. Overweight and Obesity contribute to Diseases like, Heart attacks, stroke, arteriosclerosis, Diabetes, Mental Retardation/affection like Mood swings and even depression. Obesity being the Risk factor for these Diseases and hence prevention of obesity will decrease the chances of such disease. Inspite of advanced technology and Researches the modern medicine is failing to give the result for obesity due to its multi-functional nature, like other diseases, obesity is mainly the result of factors like, heredity, environment or food, but it is difficult to change environment but relatively carry to change food habits and lifestyle. A definition of swastha purusha as given by Charak and Sushruta Su. 15/48. A healthy body is the only one media to achieve the ultimate goal among the ‘Chaturvidha purushartha’. Acharya Sushruta also said that Madhyama sharira is the best but Ati sthaula and Ati Krisha are always affected with some complaints. Acharya Charak has thrown light on the Eight varieties of impediments which are designated as Nindita Purusha (inferior person). Ati sthaulya comprises one of them. The present study deals with detail causes of sthaulya according to Ayurvedic classics and its Nidana-parivarjan Chikitsa.