Role of Ayurveda in Communicable Diseases

  • Gayatri S Kalamkar Gayatri S. Kalamkar
  • Sawai R V
  • Rampurkar M V
Keywords: Janpadodhwans, Aupsargik, Rasayana, Panchakarma, Sadvritta


Health is never an issue until someone gets sick, it is the reality in current situation. Because of improper diet, lack of exercise, stress, low quality of food grains& global warming overall health status of individuals is poor& they are getting easily prone to communicable diseases.  H1N1 influenza, Ebola arethe recent examples. They are big challenges & creating a burden over health care system. Ayurveda though an ancient medical science has clearly described such communicable diseases& their cause, mode of transmission, prevention as well as cure. Charak has quoted Janapadodhwansa, (mass destruction) & its 4 reasons asdushitavayu(Air), jala(Water),kala(time), desh(region). Sushrut has already mentioned aupsargikarogas (communicable diseases) i.e,kushtha (Skin diseases), jwara (Fever) etc. & their mode of transmission. Prevention as well as cure of disease is goal of Ayurveda. Through maintainanceof  Dincharaya, Rutucharya, Sadvritta, persons physical and mental health is secured. With the help of Panchakarma, Aushadha, &Rasayana these diseases can be cured. In this literary work effort has made to find how Ayurveda can help to face growing challenge of communicable diseases.