To Study frequently used herbal drugs in various formulation of Prameha

  • Vinod Dattarao Patange
  • Aishvarya Karande
Keywords: Various formulations, Prameha


Prameha is complex metabolic disorder, which is leading cause of morbidity and mortality world over; India is called as Capital prameha as it is considered in top 5 countries with highest prevalence of prameha. Prameha is an ‘Iceberg’ disease. Currently, prameha the number of cases of prameha world wide estimated to be around 347 million, of these more than 90% are Prameha (type second diabetes). In 2008, an estimated 1. 2million people died from consequences of high blood sugar level. More than 80% diabetes deaths occur in low and middle income countries. The WHO global strategy for preventation and control of non communicable disease recognized prameha as one of its primary conditions. The healing aspect of ayurevda positively affects all types of prameha’s however it particularly focuses on treatment of Type II Diabetes (Prameha).

As Prameha is not completely curable we can prevent it, even if Diabetes (prameha) is caused . we can control it by some of the herbal plants, active chemical constituents which have role in management of diabetes. There are, so many formulations in ancient ayurvedic texts for Prameha. Most of the time similar type of drugs are being used in every formulation. This study includes literary research of various will be searches. Frequently used drugs in various formulation will be sort out and Rasa-Panchak the Karyakaran mimasa of it will be discussed in full paper.