Drug Dose Fixation in Baala Panchakarma (Classical Review)

  • Vanita T Havinal
  • Aziz I Arbar
  • Veena K H
Keywords: Baal, Anuvasana basti, Niruha basti, Snehana, Vamana matra, Virechana, Nasya.


According to Charaka In children dosha, dushya, & malas in different vyadhi are similar to adults but in smaller quantity based on body weight, age, & Agni of child. Whatever the disease the adult suffers the child also suffers. Thus induction of vomiting & purging etc are not done in Paratantra avastha. Panchakarma are the unique therapy of Ayurveda System of Medicine. They are equally benificial in the prevention and cure of the disorders there by improves the life span of the individual. In pediatric practice also these therapies are helpful provided administered with due consideration in stage of the diseases, dosage of medicines, proper method, vaya and Bala of the children. Care should be taken in the prevention of complications.

Shodhana is advised to remove the vitiated doshas and to bring the doshas to normal condition. Kashyapa being kaumarabhritya physician explained panchakarma can be done in bala starting from infancy and advised vamana, virechana, basti, niruha or yapana bastis and anuvasana basti. He contraindicated raktamokshana in children. He attributes complete siddhisthana to explain this. At various places he explained doses of sneha, vamana and virechana drugs and given the quantity of basti as per different age.