A systemic review of Panduroga w.s.r. To Anemia

  • Rakesh D Pawara
  • Londhe P D
Keywords: Pandu, Bibhitakadi vati.


Panduroga is a disease, which is commonly found in our country, It is seen that Nutritional deficiency is the major etiological factor of this disease in the developing countries like India the incidence of the disease is in both sexes but females are majorly affected.In our countries there are many people who come below the poverty level. They can not afford fresh, green leafy vegetables, cereals, milk, fruit's etc. most women could not get proper nutritious food during pregnancy and after-ward due to illiteracy, poverty and lack of proper understanding about disease. They do not take proper treatment. That's why anemia is very serious & emerging problem of mankind. In Ayurvedic classics, Anemia can be correlated with Panduroga. Panduroga has been described in all the samhitas in detail with it's Nidan Panchak present study. Deals with a systemic review of Panduroga from all the classics of Ayurveda. It is our proposed plan of treatment to deal with Anemia in our Dr. M.N.Agashe Charitable Trust, Hospital, Satara. We are studying the effect of Bibhitakadi vati on anemia. Which contain 1) Bibhitaka, 2) Sunthi, 3) Tilbeej, 4) Mandur Bhasm, 5)Gud.