Exploratory Study of Amavata Vyadhi with Special Reference to C - reactive protein

  • Amit Rameshkumar Dhane
Keywords: Amavata, C reactive protein, Rhumatoid arthritis


The objective of this study was to ascertain the relation between Amavata vyadhi and C - reactive protein. The study was conducted after ethics committee approval and written consent from patients.  A total of 30 patients in different age groups were the subjects for this study. Assessment was done with special scoring pattern for signs and symptoms to obtain the correctness in the disease condition. Fasting blood sample was collected for routine lab investigations along with CRP. Correlation test and chi-square test for trend are applied for statistical analysis. Total score of Amavata and CRP concentration are closely and positively associated. It was concluded that there is increase in CRP concentration when signs and symptoms of Amavata increases.