Standardization of Hinguliya Manikyarasa

  • Inamdar Mahesh Prabhakar
Keywords: Rasashastra, Kupipakwa rasayana, Hinguliya Manikyarasa, toxicity study


Standard is a numerical value which quantifies the parameter and thus denotes the purity of the material. Standardization of Ayurvedic drugs is a need of the hour in this changing Global scenario. In Ayurvedic texts the parameters given are mostly subjective. For this reason some objective parameters should be established through exhaustive pharmaceutical study and Analytical study. A drug selected for present study is Hinguliya Manikyarasa and some objective parameters like measurement of temperature, the yield of finished product were studied. Physical ,Chemical analysis along with the toxicological study were carried out. The findings will be helpful to establish objective parameters for Standardization of  Hinguliya Manikyarasa and toxicological study will be helpful to establish its safety profile. This study will provide guidelines to establish such type of standards to other Herbomineral formulations, so that the manufacturer can give best quality Ayurvedic products to our society and to the people all over the world.