Quality control of herbal drugs through UV-Vis spectrophotometric analysis

  • Vedantam Giridhar
Keywords: UV-Vis Spectrophotometric analysis, Herbal drugs, Ayurveda, quality control, Pippali, Kankola, Tea


Quality control of herbal raw material is essential to maintain quality thus better efficacy as well as safety through Ayurvedic preparations. Among various quality control parameters UV-Vis spectrophotometric analysis provides both qualitative and quantitative standards. But markers are needed for quantitative analysis. An attempt is made to study UV-Vis Spectrometric analysis of some herbal raw materials for understanding qualitative and quantitative parameters without markers. Pippali, Eranda, Tea etc. extracts were prepared and were analyzed using UV-Vis Spectroscope with different concentrations. As control solvents used for extraction e.g. water or ethanol or methanol are tested. Double beam UV-Vis Spectrometer of Shimadzu model UV1800 along with UV Probe software was used for analysis. Analysis was done in Central Research Facility – (Dept. of AYUSH approved Drug testing Laboratory for ASU drugs), of KLEU’s BMK Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Belagavi. Spectral data showed relationship between concentration and intensity of absorption. Thus by generating library of spectral data of genuine raw samples, it would be possible to test quality control using UV-Vis spectrometer even without costly markers.