Comparative study of mukta bhasma & mukta pishti with reference to their particle size

  • Sawant R S
Keywords: Mukta, Mukta Bhasma, Mukta Pishti, DLS, NTA


Mukta (pearl) is used as its derived form viz Mukta Bhasma [MB] & Mukta Pisthi [MP] in treatment of  various chronic diseases such as Rajayakshma (Tuberculosis), Prameha (Diabetes Mallitus), Shwasa (Asthma), Vatavyadhi (Neuro-muscular disorders). Mukta bhasma is prepared using direct heat as media of transformation while Mukta Pishti is prepared using indirect heat (trituration). So an attempt was made to compare both preparations to find out role of agni (heat) as well as Mardana (frictional force) in conversion of particle size of final product. The Raw pearl powder, prepared samples of Bhasma and Pishti were subjected to analysis using DLS (Dynamic Light scattering) & NTA (Nano-particle Tracking Analyzing) methods. The study shows that particle size of Mukta Pishti is reduced more than Mukta bhasma same that it can be concluded that Properties of Mukta are preserved as there is no direct contact with heat and will be useful in diseases vitiated by Pitta.