The Role of Ayurveda in Cardiology (Evidence based clinical trial)

  • Manoj R Runghe
  • Jaishree Bhimraoji Gawande
Keywords: Heart disease, Sadvritta palan, Aachar rasayan, Hypertension


Ayurveda is the most ancient science of life and life is said to be the combination of   mind, body, soul and senses. It deals not only with management of diseased conditions but   prevention of disorder and proper hygiene of wellbeing. Coronary disease is more a   result of disorder of life style.   In present era, due to changing life style, food habits and increasing stress the aging   process becomes so fast. Due to these specific reasons, clinical issues associated with   Heart diseases (Hypertension, Coronary disorder) within a age; are arising enormously in society. We can correct these conditions with help of herbal medicines, Sadvritta palan Aachar rasayan and Yoga along with Ayurvedic preparations.   With the help of ayurvedic perspectives we can successfully prevent or prolong the Heart   Diseases e. g. -chest pain (Doshabalapravrutta Lakshane), congenital heart disease   (Janmabalapravrutta Hrudroga), Angina Pectoris (Hrudshoola) coronary   thrombosis (Stotorodhajanya Hrudroga) cardiac arrhythmias (Hrudgati vikruti)   Hypertension (Rakta vega vruddhi) …. Etc.