Removal of Tattoo with Electro thermal Cautery – A Case Study

  • Kanchan Borkar
  • Anantkumar V Shekokar
Keywords: Tattoo, Electro thermal cautery, Laser, Scar, Jatyadi Ghrut


People know tattoo since thousands of year’s. It is a fashion acquired by youngster mostly in their day to day life. In earlier period of human life it was use as an identification mark but now a day it is made with different colors and adopted as a fashion or hobby. After some period people want to remove or replace old tattoo by another one. There are different methods for tattoos removal with advantage and disadvantage  like local application of caustic, excision followed by skin graft, laser therapy and electro thermal cautery. In present case study, tattoo was removed with electro thermal cauterization. Patient was observed weekly up to normal epithelialization and it was observed that tattoo removed completely with scar formation.