Effect of Exercise and Restricted Diet in Alcoholic Fatty Liver A Case Study

  • Vajinath M Yadav
Keywords: Exercise, diet, Alcohol, fatty liver, Restriction


The incidence of patients with fatty liver has recently increased in India, due to increase in over use of alcohol intake, fatty diet with no exercise. Fatty liver may occasionally progress to liver cirrhosis. In this study, I Have studied the effects of restricted diet and exercise versus no treatment in-patient with fatty liver. A fourty two-year-old male patient was having alcoholic fatty liver. He was having only pain and tightness in the right hypochondriac region, with no other symptoms like nausea, vomiting weight loss, fatigue etc. On examination, liver was two fingers palpable with mild tenderness. On ultrasound imagination, he was diagnosed as Fatty liver- grade IInd.  Liver biochemical tests such as aminotranseferase were normal.A detailed history according to Ayurvedic method was taken.   Patient was having history of drinking alcohol 180 ml per week from last ten years with non-veg food once a week and no heavy physical activity. Patient is a lab technician. Patient followed a program of restricted diet and morning exercise (fast walking three kilometers per day) for a trial period of 3 months. Oily food, non-vegeterian food like red meat was avoided. Drinking alcohol was stopped completely.After three months, on examination liver was not palpable, no tenderness. Ultrasound report showed normal liver. Means there is no fatty liver, Grade IInd. Results indicate that restricted diet as oily food, meat containing fat, etc. and exercise therapy, such as walking, are useful means of improving liver tissues related to fatty liver.